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Supporting Families: iOCDF Live Event

Parents get their chance to speak this Thursday, November 9, 7pm ET. Supporting Families will be an hour-long interactive discussion dedicated to parents and loved ones of individuals living with OCD. Go to to watch or view the streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or Twitter.

Our Producer Chris Baier will moderate a panel including, Natasha Daniels, OCD therapist and mom of kids with OCD; Kim Vincenty, JACK Mental Health Founder, IOCDF Advocate, and Mom of an adult with OCD; and Jon Hershfield, renowned OCD therapist and author of When a family member has OCD.

Whether you are seeking advice or simply want to better understand how to help your loved one with OCD, Supporting Families is for you. This panel of parents and therapists understands the unique challenges parents and loved ones face.

Join in live this Thursday, November 9, 7pm ET at

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