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Our family-friendly, therapist recommended film offers hope to anyone dealing with OCD. UNSTUCK lets kids explain the disorder and how they learned to overcome their issues.

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Our film is available with subtitles in Español, Français, Simple Chinese 简体中文, Greek/Ελληνικά and Português. Audio descriptions and captions in English. Watch Subtitled Film

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"An inspiring film! We appreciated the children's honesty and courage to speak up. UNSTUCK has given us hope and strength to help our daughter with ERP."

- Michelle S., Parent

"This film helped my daughter understand she is not the only one, there is hope and she is not weird."

- Lori M., Parent



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Steph and Liz from the Secret Illness
OCD kids shirts

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UNSTUCK: Kids Speak Out is our interview show where we hear insights and advice from young people with OCD. It takes place on our Facebook Page.


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