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Press, photos and promotional material

Watch our keynote address from the 2017 OCD Foundation Conference

Articles about UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie 

Teen talk: Growing up with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder TV segment on CW33-Newfixx Dallas


A Summer of Hell by

Journey with kids and teens who really have OCD by Patrick Carey, nOCD

Helping parents and kids understand OCD better by Natasha Daniels, Anxious Toddlers.


Why “UNSTUCK” hit home for me in a big way by Nathalie Maragoni


Detect and Demystify OCD by Alison Dotson


UNSTUCK Film Review by Booklist Online


Q&A with Kelly and Chris by East Bay Behaviorial Therapy Center


How Media Helps Me Teach Others About OCD by Morgan's Voice

Press Kit

Media and Journalists can click the image, download our Press Kit.

Click here to download our press kit

UNSTUCK Fundraising Trailer

Q&A from the 2018 OCD Action Conference

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