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OCD symptoms and definitions


Helpful OCD resources

Start with Our Favorites

Attend the digital OCD Conference, OCDeconstruct

Learn with Anxious Toddlers OCD Kid's Course

Find a Teletherapist with NOCD

Read Talking Back to OCD  

Listen to The OCD Stories

Enroll in CBT School

(Kids) Read Blink, Blink, Clop, Clop

Join Parents of Children with OCD Facebook Group


Read When a Family Member has OCD

Request a Not Alone Notes

(Teens) Read Stuff That's Loud

OCD Charities & Foundations

Visit International OCD Foundation


Visit Intrusive Thoughts/Made of Millions

Visit OCD Action (UK)

Visit Peace of Mind Foundation

Help for Skin Picking via Picking Me Foundation

Help for PANS/PANDAS via PANDAS Network

Visit BDD Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation

Visit TOC Mexico

Teletherapy & Self-Help Apps

Adults can schedule a free Therapist consult

Help with ACT Beyond OCD

Download My OCD Fighter (Android only)

Therapy Tools and Peer Advice

Discover the AT Parenting Community

Advice for Anxiety In The Classroom

Peer Support from Chrissie Hodges

Virtual ERP advice from Dr. Allison

Check out ERP in a Box

Listen to My Anxiety Toolkit

Try Battle Back Beads

OCD Support Groups


Join our Getting UNSTUCK Facebook Group


Join OCD Awareness and Resources Facebook Group


(For teens) Join OCD Support Groups for Young Adults


(For young adults) Join OCD Youth Forums

Join Support for Parents of Kids with OCD Facebook Group

OCD Books for Kids & Teens


Read Up And Down Worry Hill


Read What To Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck


Read Without Doubt!


Read Unraveling Rose

Try Color Your Fears Workbook


Read OCD Workbook for kids


Read ACT Workbook for Teens

Read Practice Being Brave


Read Payton is Afraid of Dirt


Read Kissing Doorknobs


Read Weight Of Our Sky (web comic)


Read OCD Daniel


Read Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda


Read Goldfish Boy


Read The Imp Of The Mind

Read The Obsessive Outsider

OCD Books for Parents and Adults


Read Because We Are Bad


Read Freeing your Child from OCD


Read Worried No More

Read Healing From OCD

Read Being Me With OCD


Read The I'Mpossible Project


Read Stopping the Noise in Your Head


Read OCD To Me


Read Pure


Read The Man Who Couldn't Stop


Read Is Fred in the Refrigerator


Awesome OCD Websites


Visit The Secret Illness

Add an anonymous intrusive thought


Visit OCD Online


Visit Anxiety in Teens


Visit Wisdo


Watch Mental Health Vlogs


Download How to Help Your Child with OCD


Visit Riley's Wish


Visit JCK Foundation

Read The Resilience



Download popular OCD terms and definitions



Advice about OCD from the cast

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