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Therapists and Educators can own UNSTUCK

UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie is recommended by therapists and educators. At 23-minutes, the film can help you start a productive conversation with those you treat or teach. Mental health professionals and schools can own the film with purchase from New Day Films.

Save 20% on any DVD or streaming license with code UNSTUCKTX.

Individual therapists use Community Groups price.

Bonus videos with purchase

Buy UNSTUCK from New Day and get UNSTUCK: Extra Help free. This is our 5-part online series designed to get patients talking about OCD in therapy. Here's an example.

Additional Extra Help videos cover:

“My first exposure”

The kids talk about their first exposure and reinforce the benefits of Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy.


“What OCD made me do”

The kids discuss compulsions and help viewers get comfortable talking about OCD.


“It’s not you, it’s OCD”

The kids talk about how externalizing OCD helped them fight it.


“OCD & your family”

The siblings reinforce the idea that families can help fight OCD together.


What therapists and educators are saying

"UNSTUCK is a beautiful and honest peek into the world of childhood OCD. It should be required viewing for anyone who treats this disorder."

-  Jon Hershfield, MFT

Author, When a Family Member Has OCD

"A perfect supplement for Introduction to Psychology and Abnormal Psychology courses. UNSTUCK will enhance discussion."

- Dr. Ariz Rojas, OCD therapist

"Beautiful. Sensitive. Perfectly accurate! The explanation of exposures will help our patients."

- Lindsey Bergman, PhD, Director, UCLA Pediatric OCD Intensive Outpatient Program

"Informative and inspiring. UNSTUCK should be viewed by all educators."

- Karen Frigenti Principal, The Summit School NYC

Own UNSTUCK for your practice or school, visit New Day Films.

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