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Own UNSTUCK. Save 20%

Therapists, educators and mental health professionals can own our award-winning film and save 20% off any streaming license or DVD purchase. Visit New Day Films to buy it.

Many professionals find the film is an asset to helping patients and families understand OCD better. It's a great way to begin conversations about the disorder and treatment as well as offer hope.

Renowned OCD therapist Dr. Jonathan Abramowitz said,

"This film is a must-see for any kids and families struggling with OCD."

When you own UNSTUCK: An OCD Kids Movie, you obtain the public performance license and are able to screen the film anytime and anywhere you like. You also get access to UNSTUCK: Extra Help, our 5-part video series that discusses important topics in OCD therapy.

OCD therapist and author of multiple books about OCD, Jon Hershfield added,

"UNSTUCK is required viewing for anyone who treats this disorder."

Enter OCDCON19 at check out for the 20% discount.

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