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ERP School is open....

And we've got your pass to get in. ERP School is an online course created and taught by Kim Quinlan. She's the one who lead the discussion on ERP during our OCDeconstruct conference.

ERP School is 6 hours of video covering all the basics to get your started.

ERP is what helped every kid in our film, and their families, get back control and put OCD in it's place. You can sign up and get more details on this link.

Here's some details from the class....

ERP School was created to cover the most important components of Exposure & Response Prevention therapy. It covers the following modules:

1. The Science behind Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) 

2. Identifying YOUR Obsessions and Compulsions 

3. Different Approaches to Practicing Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP)

a. Gradual Exposure & Response Prevention Scripting and Flooding. 

b. Opposite Action Skills 

c. Interoceptive ERP 

d. Let's Get Creative with ERP

4. Managing Uncertainty and Discomfort with Mindfulness 

5. Troubleshooting Common Issues and Concerns

BONUS Material: OCD Sub-types and Theme

Highly recommend it. ERP School

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