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ERP School - in your home

ERP is the treatment that saved our kids from the clutches of obsessions and compulsions. We're thrilled to pass along this resource for parents, therapists and those with OCD to join ERP School.

Sign up for ERP school early using this link.

Therapists get 7 CEU’s from ERP school with this link.

ERP School is an online course created and taught by therapist Kimberly Quinlan. Kim's is in private practice in California and is the owner and founder of CBT School. She led the discussion on ERP at OCDeconstruct.

ERP SCHOOL is a 6 hours course for anyone that teaches the science behind ERP and the steps Kim takes with her clients using self- compassion informed ERP.  The course also details the most common OCD subtypes, how to implement mindfulness, ACT and self-compassion into their ERP practice. Sign up, get pricing, course description and more on this link.

ERP SCHOOL with CEUS is a 7 hour course that gives 7 continued education units for mental health professionals. The course includes everything ERP includes, plus an additional training addressing how to implement ERP as a clinician and addresses adaptations considering a person's ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and other diversities. Get more details on the CEUS.

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