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ACT Beyond OCD Course Open

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Enrollment is open now for ACT classes for adults and teens.

The sessions and course ACT BEYOND OCD are led by OCD therapist and author Dr. Zurita Ona.

Classes start January 23.

ACT beyond OCD is an 8-week live online -cohort-based course for adults & a 6-week live course for teens – where Dr. Z will teach you Acceptance and Commitment & Exposure skills to get unstuck from OCD and get back into your life so you can connect with others, pursue a career path, entertain a hobby, do the things you like, and have fun.

Use this link to sign up.

ACT Beyond OCD

1. It’s a live learning experience so no pre-recorded sessions.

2. You have direct engagement with Dr. Z, the instructor, on a weekly basis.

3. You’re part of a rich learning environment that provides you with accountability, feedback, and coaching.

4. You’re part of community-based learning that is fully immersed in learning skills to live the life they want to live.

5. You troubleshoot obstacles as they come while you’re learning ACT & ERP skills.

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