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OCD Gamechangers 2019

What an honor it was to join Chrissie Hodges and a host of fantastic "Gamechangers" at the second OCD Gamechangers event in Denver, Colorado.

I got some much from spending quality time with folks I admire -

Stephen Smith (NOCD)

Solome Tibebu (Anxiety in Teens)

Kym Quinlan (CBT School)

Stuart Ralph (The OCD Stories)

Sean Shinnock (Draw Your Monster)

Margaret and Sarah Sisson and Kevin Putnam from (Riley's Wish)

Patrick McGrath (Amita Health)

Chris Trodson (The Gateway Institute)

On Friday, we all hunkered down in a remote cabin south of Denver for an all-day brainstorm and think-tank aligned around helping each other with issues and goals for our individuals mental-health businesses and/or projects.

On Saturday, we were at the Denver Bookbinding Center for a conference during the day where we joined many noted OCD therapists and the attendees for a day of learning, presenting and community-building.

Towards the end of the day, we showed UNSTUCK to the packed house. The OCD audience always offers unique advice and perspective that we've never thought of. This time, one adult with OCD remarked how hard it is to explain OCD and his struggles with his young children. He noted that UNSTUCK will help him introduce the topic to them. That's something we never imagined when we began production. Just fabulous!

The night part of Gamechangers involved all 9 advocates sharing their take on the "Emotional side of OCD." I don't want to give away spoilers because all the talks (including mine) will be available soon on My talk was titled "What OCD has made me do" and you can see a photo here.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I really hope I'm invited back next year!

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