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Announcing OCDeconstruct

Since UNSTUCK debuted, I keep getting asked, "What's next?"

Well, after a few months of planning and prepping, here's my answer:

Introducing OCDeconstruct.

OCDeconstruct is a free online conference focused on giving anyone (individuals, parents, loved ones) of any age (adults, kids, teens) a place to get solid head start on their OCD education.

The idea to launch this event comes from my 5+ years dealing with OCD as a parent, and from realizing that one of the first things I had to do was learn everything about the disorder so that I could understand how to fight it.

It also stems from attending numerous OCD Conferences run by the International OCD Foundation and OCD Action. These events offer tremendous value. They have taught me so much and allowed me to connect with incredible advocates and therapists.

To attend OCDeconstruct you won't need to leave your home. You just need an internet connection (aka WiFi). This event is all digital and free. Yup, it won't cost a thing.

See my goal is to provide you, and anyone recently diagnosed, with a place to learn from experts. To get a good foundation on your OCD education.

The conference will feature six therapists speaking on topics they know best from OCD 101 to ERP to Medicine to Family Dynamics.

This video below explains a bit more about the what, how and why. To learn more and see who is speaking, visit the OCDeconstruct site.

If you want to register immediately, click over to the Zoom webinar page.

I'm excited and nervous. That's why I hope you'll join me on Saturday, April 13 for a day where we will begin to take OCD apart!

- Chris

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