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Screening UNSTUCK for OCD Awareness Week

This year, OCD Awareness Week runs from October 7-13, 2018!

If you're starting to plan an event, consider adding a screening of UNSTUCK to your program. Last year over a dozen organizations and therapists held screenings of the film in order to promote their programs and inspire advocacy. Some events even included kids from the film!

The only thing you need to be eligible to show the film is to purchase it from our partners at New Day Films so you have the public performance rights.

Professionals you can purchase the film anytime.

Parents and individuals, email us for a discount code as part of our Community Screening initiative.

Once you have your event set, please send us the details so we can add it here as well as our Facebook Page.

By the way, you can follow everyone's OCD Awareness Week events and promotions with this hashtag: #OCDweek

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