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Catching up with the UNSTUCK kids

Last year, most of the cast (Holden, Ariel, Sarah, Tatum, Jake, Vanessa and Charlotte) got together in San Francisco to talk and hangout during our premiere weekend at #OCDCon 2017.

So, what are they up to now?


For the past year, he’s been spending a ton of time surfing, playing video games and hiking with his dog. On the OCD front, he’s been helping an adult friend with fears and exposure therapy.

Tatum:She’s been concentrating on

yoga/meditation and recently hosted her first (and hugely successful) yoga retreat. This summer she’s enrolled in a program to get her yoga teacher certification. Her goal is to start teaching and then find ways to incorporate her teaching with treatment of OCD and with other mental disorders.


Sharif continues his focus on playing the bassoon. He’s skills are progressing so well that he was invited to play in Vietnam. This summer he’s in the US at a specialized band/music camp. If you’re going to our screening in October in Dubai, he should be there!


Sarah just completed her Freshman year of high school and discovered a passion for running. She was a star hurdler and 4x400 relay runner for the track and field team and finished 9th in the state for cross country. Over the summer she’s looking forward to camp, relaxing and taking guitar lessons for the first time. That’s in addition to caring for two new adorable kittens, Loki and Zeus.


Ariel is doing very well lately and recently finished her Freshman year at a local Florida college. In the fall, she’ll be transferring to new university and program. Congrats!


He’s just finished up 10th grade and is busy working multiple jobs this summer. He will take some time off to join Vanessa and Charlotte at #OCDCon in Washington D.C.

What’s up with my two, Vanessa and Charlotte? Check out our latest Kids Speak Out.They both finished school so they’re off to theater and cooking camps this summer as well as scheming to spend as much time swimming in their Grandma’s pool. They’ll be at the OCD Conference.

All of us at UNSTUCK, hope you have a great summer!


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