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Getting Unstuck: How to Help a Child with OCD

Chris contributed to a new blog post run by nOCD and Treat My OCD titled Getting UNSTUCK: How to Help a Child with OCD. The article focuses on struggles parents and loved ones often have with OCD treatment. CBT and EPT is often counter-intuitive to parental instincts of protection and safety.

"Many parents of children with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) feel stuck. Watching your kids suffer is horrible, so you want to help. But many of the more intuitive strategies for alleviating your child’s suffering– reassuring them, giving them what they want, trying to take away their pain– end up making their OCD symptoms worse."

In the article, Chris writes about how he and his wife had to get comfortable with the idea that they couldn't fix or "cure" their daughters issues. Click here to read it.

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