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Morgan's Voice weighs in...

Prominent OCD activist @MorgansVoice_ has included us in her latest piece, "How Media Helps Me Teach Others About OCD". Thank you!

Here's how it opens...

"I like to consider myself very open about having OCD and open about talking about mental health in general. I blog about it so anyone who searches my name can find it on the Internet. I talk about it frankly with my close friends. I even will bring it up if someone makes a comment about being “sooo OCD” and will try to educate them about what the disorder really is.

Because of this, I also like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at talking about OCD and mental health. Still, there are times when the practiced words leave my head and I’m left not knowing what to say. There are times when sometimes I could use a little help." Continue reading...

If you would like to write or vlog about UNSTUCK, please email us. We can offer a free preview of the film in exchange for you posting about it.

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