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Noted Author and OCD advocate Alison Dotson penned a review of the film via Free Spiriting Publishing. Click here to read Detect and Demystify OCD with Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie

Here's a short preview of the article...

The new short documentary Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie helps demystify OCD, giving teachers, counselors, parents, and students an intimate peek into the lives of six kids who’ve struggled with OCD and been through the proper treatment.

In Unstuck, you’ll hear firsthand what OCD feels like; how it affects the whole family, including siblings (some of whom share their experiences in the film); how the kids and their parents realized the issue was OCD; and how they went about treating it.

As you watch, you’ll not only be surprised about how specific OCD symptoms can be, you’ll also be moved by how each subject can be at once vulnerable, articulate, and strong. OCD is hard for adult sufferers to handle, and we have the benefit of life experience and kind of getting it. Throw growing pains, lack of independence, and classmates into the mix, and you’ll understand how incredibly resilient these young film subjects are. Watching the film—either on your own, with colleagues, or as part of a classroom activity—can be a stepping stone toward a greater understanding of OCD and toward becoming a valuable resource for students.

Thanks Alison!

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