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A Word About Public Screenings

As events like OCD Awareness Week and Mental Health Awareness month come around, many organizations and individuals have reached out to ask about sharing UNSTUCK with their local community and patients. It’s encouraging to see the film put to use in OCD treatment and awareness – this is why we made it! However, there are some issues we wanted to make you aware of.

In order to show our film in an office, school, community center, theater, hospital or any other public setting, you must purchase a DVD or streaming license from New Day Films. The reason is that copies from New Day Films include what is called Public Performance Rights, and these are required to show the film publicly. This is true across the board for any film screened in the U.S. (with a few exceptions granted under what’s called Fair Use Law that don’t generally apply in this case).

New Day is a collective of social issue filmmakers who value the impact films can have. We appreciate that

many of you want to do the right thing by getting the legal license to publicly show our film. Please know that your purchase not only helps us recoup some of the costs of making the film, but it will fund our outreach and community engagement objectives.

To view various pricing options for DVDs and Streaming licenses of UNSTUCK, click here. And if you are hosting a screening, please let us know so we can help publicize it and send you resources to help promote the event.

Lastly, any screening or showing of UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie must be free of charge. If you want to charge admission reach out to us immediately via to discuss special arrangements.

Thanks for understanding.

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