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2017 OCD Conference 2017....Wow!

Kelly and I are still ecstatic over the reaction and ovation that UNSTUCK received on Saturday night from the packed house at the 2017 OCD Conference. It was one of those “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” moments that actually played out 1000 times better than our wildest dreams.

Of course, Ariel, Charlotte, Holden, Jake, Sarah, Tatum and Vanessa (and their families) were beside themselves as they got to sign autographs and pose for pictures. We can think of no better reward for them to experience after all they went through to get control of their obsessions and compulsions.

We also want to cheer Sharif for sharing his OCD story, and his parents for traveling half-way across the world just so we could interview him last summer. The film is a testament to Sharif’s perseverance as well.

The 24th annual IOCDF Conference in San Francisco will certainly go down as the highlight of the year for everyone involved with the film. We not only met so many amazing OCD advocates, but we finally got to hang out, in person, with many friends we’ve met on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We realize this post could easily be as long as a novel so, to keep it under 5,000 words…

Thank you…To everyone that came up after the keynote and told us how much our film meant to them and their family.

Thank you…To all those who volunteered stories and comments for our film crew. (We’ll be releasing videos of your feedback soon!)

Thank you…To everyone that patiently waited to buy a shirt, DVD or both!

Thank you…To Nick and Janelle for donating your time and handling our booth.

Thank you…To the little girl who thanked me with a hug so strong I lost my breath.

Thank you… Parents and therapists who devote so much time and energy to help those with OCD get the treatment they need.

And finally, thank you to the IOCDF for giving UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie such a massive platform to launch the film and for letting us commandeer a booth in the exhibit hall to promote and sell DVDs.

We’re sure the next year will fly by and we’ll soon be gearing up for #OCDCon 2018. But that’s a good thing because Kelly and I can’t wait to see you all in Washington DC and share how people use the film to help kids get better and to create OCD awareness.

Here's a few photos from the weekend.

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