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We want to replace fear with actionable advice. Uncertainty with coping skills. We will get through this Coronavirus situation together.

IOCDF Town Hall

Managing Childhood Anxiety

Find teletherapy from OCD therapists

1. Contact NOCD about OCD therapy at home. Get the details

Or call 718-550-3298 (9am-5pm CT)

2. Visit the IOCDF website

Look for the "Find Help" tab and search your ZIPcode or City, State

In the results, you’ll see other options pop up

Under the “Treatment Strategies” section, select Teletherapy

That will bring up options in your area

Talking to kids about coronavirus

Helping you cope

1. Balance the recommended health guidelines with your treatment goals.

For example, wash hands for only 20 seconds as recommended, then fight the urge to do it longer.

2. Following current health guidelines about COVID19 is an exposure.

They'll be discomfort in resisting not doing more. Life is an exposure right now.

3. Keep your therapy appointments.

Ask your therapist about a phone or video chat.

4. Accept that you will be anxious.

This can help to keep anxiety manageable.

5. OCD is not a reliable source of information.

Remember, OCD never tells the truth.

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More ways to cope

  • Limit the time you watch and search for news about Coronavirus.

  • Stick to one or two trusted news sources for info. The CDC or WHO. (The internet is full of rumors.)

  • Practice social distancing from social media. Limit your IG, FB, TikTok time.

  • Keep to your regular routine as much as possible.

  • Do something you haven't done in a while. Reread your favorite book, watch classic comedies, take an online class or learn a new language.

  • Connect with friends and family. Limit the COVID talk to 2 minutes.

  • Keep up the ERP. Little wins are important.

  • Send a Not Alone Note of encouragement

Support and expert advice

Recommended reading

A message of hope

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