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Hanging at the 25th annual OCD Conference

OCD Conference weekend always goes too fast. This year in Washington DC we got the chance to speak with many old friends about how they are using the film, connect with new families interested in helping their loved ones get UNSTUCK, and meet so many exhibitors with different ways to help those struggling with OCD. One particular theme kept coming up while talking to therapists, the film "is the perfect length to watch and talk about during a therapy session." Since not everyone can attend OCDCon, we recorded a few live interviews. Check out our Facebook page to see a replay of interviews with Dr. Allen Weg from OCD New Jersey, OCD Foundation Board President Susan Boaz, Morgan and Molly from Not Alone Notes and many others. As always, we appreciate everyone that purchased the film, or our t-shirt, or put UNSTUCK stickers on their conference badge. Plans are already underway for next year's conference in Austin, TX. Can't wait!

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