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Parenting Kids With OCD In-Home Therapy Course

I know from experience that finding a therapist for your child that is specially trained to treat OCD can be hard. It's even tougher when you live in an area that doesn't have many options for therapy or qualified OCD therapists.

With that in mind, I wanted to pass along information about an online course that could fill the void and help your child learn what it takes to fight back against their obsessions and compulsions.

The Parenting Kids With OCD course has 39 short video lessons and 23 worksheets designed for you and your child to complete together. This paid program was developed by licensed Child Therapist Natasha Daniels. She runs a private practice called Hill Child Counseling.

Here's a video that explain a bit more about OCD and how your family will use this course. To find pricing and more info, just click this link.

Beating OCD isn't easy, so the more treatment options parents have, the better!

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